Plasma Gasification and Municipal Waste Elimination for the Province of Bataan and select regions in Mindanao..
Plasma Gasification and Municipal Waste Elimination for various municipalities in Luna, Iloilo and Luzon
International Regional Hospital, Medical Training & Research Center in the Philippines.
Placement of an Insulated Concrete Form production Center in Bataan and Iloilo.
Construction of numerous Hotel and Resorts in Iloilo and select areas using our Advanced ICF Building Systems.
These include the following projects:
Location:  The Province of Iloilo, the Philippines.
Concept: World Class Resort.  Project includes the Hotel, Retirement Villages, Condos, Golf Course, Marina, Water Theme Park, Spa, Hospital, Small Airport, International School, IT Park and other Commercial Projects.
Project Costs: $2 Billion Dollars (USD)
Location:  The Province of Bataan, the Philippines.
Concept: Plasma Gasification Center..  ICF Manufacturing Plant. 
Project Costs: $500 Million USD .
Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the Philippines.
Concept: Hospital and Teaching Complex.
Project Costs: $35 Million USD for Initial Costs.
Location: Negros Occidental, the Philippines.
Concept:  A 1,000 MT a day Plasma Gasification Plant for Municipal Waste.
Project Costs: $450 Million USD.