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Subject:Quantum International and their associate Philippine companies headed by Quantum Philippines Property Holdings & Management, Inc. announces new Plasma and Community projects in the Philippines.

Dateline:  January 2nd, 2014.  Manila, the Republic of the Philippines.

Quantum Plasma and their associated companies have announced that they are in final negotiations with numerous Philippine municipalities on proposed Plasma Municipal Solid Waste & Energy Facilities and other Quantum operations in the Philippines.

At the present time we are completing final contracts for review and acceptance on several initial facilities designed for key municipalities throughout the Philippines.  These municipalities and provinces include Iloilo, Luna, Subic, Pampanga and twenty other municipalities. 

While Quantum (Philippines) are turning the country energy independent and the first totally “green” Asian country,  Quantum is completing identical Plasma contracts with Malaysia, Japan, Australia and other regions.  Other Quantum technology will also be used to process Agricultural Waste into Biofuel Projects.

“Another major benefit of this technology is the elimination of the municipal solid waste and the elimination of hazardous municipal landfills, which is another mayor problem in our country,” advised Merlinda Cantero, Quantum’s Iloilo representative.  “These proposed Philippine facilities will process Municipal Solid Waste from these regions as their only fuel source, which will be used to produce electricity for the regions.  All Quantum systems are totally “green” with all byproducts produced being marketable commercial items.  Quantum and their investment associates will have a major ownership in all facilities and be funding a large portion of these billion dollar projects.”

“In addition to Plasma, Quantum International is also moving on other joint venture government developments.” Advised Quantum CEO Al Johnson.  “These include the Iloilo Reclamation Project with the City of Leganes involving the reclaiming of hundreds of hectares of property and the building of hospitals, residential and commercial projects for that region.  In Luna, in addition to a regional Plasma Facility serving Luna and neighboring cities, Quantum is entering a joint venture with the city for a hospital and 1,000 government homes.”

For any additional information or comments, please contact Merlinda Cantero at, or Al Johnson at
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